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Hiding in Unnatural Happiness

Hiding in Unnatural Happiness


Hiding in Unnatural Happiness by Devamrita Swami, is a contemporary presentation founded upon ancient but timeless yoga knowledge – empowering us to shed the shackles of material assumptions and conditioning and enter a dimension of nonmaterial equal opportunity.

The first three brief articles kindle reaction and stir the pot of reflection. The next three get to the heart of humanity's happiness search by first identifying mass illusion and then the applied spiritual technology that can dispel it.

Expanded from lectures at universities, these longer articles challenge the narrow-minded material conceptions of the self and its satisfaction – fallacies that pervade the First, Second, and Third World.

Economics, politics, and environmentalism can only benefit from allying with a comprehensive wisdom culture. India's greatest export today is its nonmaterial information technology from deep in the past. Offering a scope and breadth of profound spiritual knowledge, this treasure of Eastern antiquity can revitalize the entire planet. India's bhakti texts in particular – presenting devotion in pure consciousness, the Love Supreme, as the ultimate goal of society – and transform our mismanaged humans civilization.

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