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Sri Isopanisad

Sri Isopanisad


The Sanskrit words Sri Isopanisad mean "the knowledge that brings one nearer to the Supreme Person, Krishna." As such, Sri Isopanisad directly counters the teachings of modern science, which say that at the root of existence lies not a person but merely abstract laws governing the chance collision of subatomic particles in the vast void of time and space.

Individually, we rebel at the proposal that we can be analyzed into lifeless laws and particles. We feel that personality is the solid foundation and unifying principle of our existence. That intuition is correct, says the Vedic philosophy of ancient India, which loudly proclaims the primacy of personality in every sphere of life and knowledge. And the essential Vedic teachings on the universal nature of personality are summarized in the Sri Isopanisad, the foremost of the 108 Upanisads.

As translated and explained by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the most distinguished modern-day teacher of India's spiritual culture and philosophy, the nineteen jewel-like mantras of Sri Isopanisad can release us from the bleak conceptions of impersonalism and put us in touch with the Supreme Person, the fountainhead of all energies and all happiness.