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Mahabharata for Children

R. Govinda

The Mahabharata, one of India's most famous and renowned epics, narrates the fight between the Kaurava and the Pandava dynasties, resulting in the Kurukshetra War. The Kaurava's greed for power and wealth blinds them and they inflict a multitude of injustices against their cousins the Pandavas for the rule of Hastinapura. The Pandavas struggle for survival as outcasts only makes their bond stronger while holding the value of love and kindness. This book highlights the events and personalities of the dynasties from the beginning to the end. Summarizing over 100,000 shloka's of the Mahabharata. This contemporary version serves as an excellent introduction to this revered epic and provides enough details to satisfy the reader's interest. It also sparks a curiosity for those wanting to know more, and encourages the reader to delve deeper into the epic insights into life, duty, and the principles of religion which culminates in the discourse between God and man on the Kurukshetra battlefield.

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